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Patwin Student Handbook 2018-2019

Patwin Elementary

Patwin Elementary

Parent Testimonials

We feel extremely fortunate that our son is a Patwin student. Not only is he getting a fantastic academic education, but the incredible community of students, teachers, staff and parents creates a strong environment where his whole being can thrive and grow. Our neighborhood school’s smaller size means that students are not anonymous and there is always an open door to our son’s teacher and Principal Bourguignon too. Lars is proud to be a Patwin Hawk and we’re proud to be part of this school community.


Eva Spiegel, Parent of a 1st grader


I have been so impressed by the outstanding teachers at Patwin.  Not only are they highly skilled, dedicated, and committed to engaging each student, but many are also leaders in their fields.  My son's teachers participate as leaders and mentors in state and national curriculum projects, and I know that others spend their summers learning about the latest in math education.  Patwin teachers always seem to be working to bring the best to our school. 

- Tanya Lieberman, parent of a 6th grade Patwin student


Patwin"s Name

Our school is named after a group of California Native Americans, called the Patwin. Patwin means "person," or "the people." The Patwin people were a subgroup of the Wintun tribe, and they lived in the inner coast range of California, and in the Sacramento Valley. They were a peaceful people who hunted and gathered. They ate acorns and other nuts, berries, sweet potatoes, roots, fish, meat from various mammals, and an Indian potato called "pela." Using the plants around them, they made huts, baskets, clothes, and instruments. They traded shells, animal skins, dried salmon and other goods with nearby tribes. The Native American culture honors and respects nature.


From the University of California Natural Reserve System's (NRS) website at: http://nrs.ucdavis.edu/


About Patwin

Mission Statement

Patwin Mission Statement

Patwin Hawk.png

Patwin Hawks Act Responsibly by   Showing Respect • Making Good Decisions • Solving Problems


Patwin fosters a learning environment that respects diversity, engages students in challenging, creative and collaborative learning and prepares them to thrive in the 21st century.

                                                                                                                                -September 2015

What is Special About Patwin?

A quintessential neighborhood school, Patwin is home to  approximately 400 students —we have one transitional kindergarten, three 4th grade and three 5th grade classes with two classes in each of the other grade levels. Our Patwin teachers are experts in their subject matter and several have earned statewide honors for their expertise in areas of history, social studies, math, writing and science.   Our teachers work closely with UC Davis in the areas of the History Project, the Writing Project as well as the Math Project.  They bring back research and innovative ideas on how to engage our students in the curriculum.   Our diverse population is typical of a university town. Patwin families speak over 19 different languages. Because Patwin is a smaller elementary school, allowing faculty and staff to really get to know each student.  Patwin's dynamic PTA works closely with Principal Gay Bourguignon to provide enrichment experiences for our students.  This strong partnership between parents and staff results in a positive climate for both students and families.

With excellent education as our school’s primary mission, in addition to some of the best trained classroom teachers in the district, Patwin employs a full time science teacher, reading specialist, speech therapist and math and English language learner  para-educators.  We also have a part time counselor, math coach, school psychologist and English language specialist on site.  The Davis Joint Unified School  District's band and orchestra teachers are regularly on campus and provide instruction to intermediate students.  The Teach Another Language to Kids Program enables Patwin to offer  before school Spanish and American Sign Language classes  http://groups.dcn.org/talk.


Special Events and Activities at Patwin:

Monthly Character Education and Spirit Assemblies

Math Nights

Fall Festival

Mix it Up Day

Read Across America/Celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday

Give a Book, Take a Book Day

Battle of the Books

After School Movie Day in the MPR

Running Club

Homework Club

Walk -A-Thon

Kinder Olympics

Market Day - 6th grade

Patwin Day

Musicals for 1st and 4th grades

Pioneer Day - 3rd grade

Math Olympiads -  5th and 6th grade

Greek Olympics - 6th grade

6th grade "clap out"

Robotics Club

Math Club 

Patwin Chorus




Our Mascot Henry the Hawk

Henry is our beloved mascot.  Henry comes to our monthly character education and spirit assemblies and encourages our students to be good "Patwin Hawks".  Henry also comes to our special events such as Fall Festival, Walkathon, pizza fundraisers etc.  Our students love seeing his silly antics and dance moves.


  Henry the Hawk.jpg