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  Gay Bourguignon

   (530) 757-5394

Office Hours:
  Monday - Friday 8 am to 4 pm

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Patwin PTA

PTA Meetings 2018-2019

Sept 4, Oct. 2, Nov. 6, Jan. 8, Feb. 5, March 5, April 2, May 7, June 4


Meetings are held in the Patwin Library from 7:00 to 7:30 pm

All are welcome to attend.

PTA Board

Pres- Ashley Teodorson-Taggart &Jenny Niles

VP- Membership & Engagement- Svenja Kadege

Treasurer- Erika Luke

Communications- Noelle Van Hest

Secretary/Parliamentarian- Amy Howering

Auditor-Tabatha Yang



Don't forget! Online Re-enrollment for all returning DJUSD students opens Monday, July 23 at 8am and must be completed before receiving teacher assignments and schedules. Visit the new District website for help events and details.



Lampost Fundraisers



June 7, 2018              4:00-8:00

Today: 8/14/18

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Counselor’s Corner, Melinda Coates


It was so great to see all the wonderful acts of kindness this month done by all of our Patwin Hawks! Here’s a little more about why it’s so important to teach kindness to our students.


6 Reasons Why Teaching Kindness is Important


1. Happy Children

There is a natural good feeling that results when we do an act of kindness. These good feelings are proven to be contagious, encouraging even more kind behavior (also known as altruism).


2. Greater Sense of Belonging and Improved Self-Esteem

Studies show that people experience a "helper's high" when they do a kind act. This rush of endorphins creates a lasting sense of pride, well-being, and an enriched sense of belonging.


3. Increased Peer Acceptance

Research on prosocial behavior among adolescents determined that being kind increases our ability to form meaningful connections with other people and greater peer acceptance was achieved through acts of kindness. 


4. Improved Health and Less Stress

There are a number of physical and mental health benefits that can be achieved by being kind. Altruistic actions trigger a release of the hormone oxytocin, which can significantly increase a person's level of happiness and reduce stress levels.


5. Better Concentration and Improved Results

Kindness is a key ingredient that enhances positivity and helps children feel good about themselves as it increases serotonin levels. This important chemical affects learning, memory, mood, sleep, health, and digestion. Children with a positive outlook have greater attention spans, more willingness to learn, and better creative thinking to improve results at school.


6. Less Bullying

When students are taught how to change their thoughts and actions by learning about kindness and compassion, it fosters the positive behavior that's expected and naturally rewarded with friendship. Promoting kindness and empathy is key in reducing bullying to create warm and inclusive school environments.


Adapted from Why Teaching Kindness in Schools Is Essential to Reduce Bullying by Lisa Currie


Important Dates for 2018-2019

The Paperless Parade is on August 24th from 3:00-5:00. This is an important day to come to Patwin to make sure you are fully registered and to find out who your child's teacher will be.  We will have tables of information regarding childcare, our lunch program, PTA, volunteering, as well as other opportunities offered at our school. 

In order to streamline the process and make it more parent-guardian friendly we are staggering times for you and your child(ren) to come.  Times are assigned by last name and parents will receive each of their children’s placement cards at that time.


A-D arrive at  3:00

H-K arrive at  3:45

Q-T arrive at  4:15

E-G arrive at  3:15

L-P arrive at  4:00

U-Z arrive at  4:30


We look forward to a strong partnership between home and school to ensure our children will achieve their highest potential.  While our hallways and classrooms are currently quiet, it will not be long before the sounds of fun and learning take over once again. I hope you are enjoying the summer and we look forward to seeing you and your children on the first day of student attendance, Wed. August 29th. Remember, dismissal is at 1:30 that day.

Looking ahead, please mark your calendars for these upcoming important events:


Aug. 24th - Paperless Parade 3:00-5:00 – come to find out who your child’s teacher will be.

Aug. 29th - 1st day of school/Welcome coffee for adults after drop off in the Quad area


September 3rd - Holiday

September 12th - 6:00-7:30 - Back to School Night (Parents-guardians only)

Friday September 28th - Patwin’s Fall Festival – All Families Welcome 5:00-7:00


Saturday, November 3rd - Patwin’s Walkathon 9:00-12:00 (on campus)

November 5th – Teacher Workday – NO SCHOOL

November 12th – Veteran’s Day –  HOLIDAY - NO SCHOOL

November 9th-16th - Parent Conference Week – 1:30 Dismissal for grades 1st-6th

November 19th – 23rd -Thanksgiving Break – NO SCHOOL


December 24th - Jan. 4 -  Winter Break - NO SCHOOL


January 21st - HOLIDAY - NO SCHOOL


February 11th - HOLIDAY - NO SCHOOL

February 18th - HOLIDAY - NO SCHOOL


Saturday, March 2nd – 2019 5:00-8:00 Patwin Auction (at the Odd Fellows Hall)

March 18-22nd - Parent Conference Week – 1:30 Dismissal for grades 1st-6th

March 25th - 29th - Spring Break


June 13 – Last Day of School 12:30 Dismissal

Open House 2017-2018

Patwin's Month of Kindess

Patwin's Month of Kindess

UCD football coach and player teach Patwin hawks about good sportsmanship

UCD football coach and player teach Patwin hawks about good sportsmanship

150 Participants at Family Math Night !

150 Participants at Family Math Night !

A Touch of Understanding for 4th graders

A Touch of Understanding (ATOU) provides disability awareness programs designed to educate a new generation to understand the challenges associated with disabilities and to accept and respect all individuals. Patwin 4th graders were able to  pariticpate in this disability awareness program.  They were able to use wheelchairs and mobility canes, write in Braille, handle braces and artificial limbs, participate in a mirror-writing activity to understand the frustration of a learning disability, and listen to a CD replicating how a child with autism may hear certain noises. Our students also met with our volunteers who have disabilities, who share their insight and experiences with humor and honesty.

Celebrating Patwin's 25th Birthday with our school community


Patwin Elemenatry Kindness Challenge 2017.jpg
We all Belong 1486197062017.jpg_w185.jpg

School Board “We All Belong” Resolution - Implementation Begins


This month, the Davis School Board approved a resolution providing a clear and transparent statement that DJUSD shall be a place where all students, employees and families feel welcome and safe regardless of their immigration status, race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or gender expression. Specifically, the resolution addresses procedures for responding to federal immigration enforcement action as well as policy changes around data collection on student enrollment. For more information visit www.djusd.net/Belong or click on We All Belong Resolution. The resolution marked an important, first step to begin the process of examining current policies and procedures, educating school employees, and working closely with community partners to ensure that all students and families, including those that are undocumented or marginalized, are able to receive education in a safe and supportive environment.