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California Gold Rush

The California Gold Country: Highway 49 Revisited  "Provides a detailed history of how the gold camps were founded, by whom, and how they prospered. Photos of the historic spots & attractions, with directions to them. Gold Country Traveler's information - local museums, lodging, restaurants, schedules of events, and points of interest." The site also has photographs, as well as many links to other sites about the Mother Lode, miners, and other California people and history.

Gold Rush! California's Untold Stories, Oakland Museum of California  Virtual exhibit commemorates the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in January 1848, and the frenzied rush to California of gold seekers from around the world. Includes photos and art of the time, perspectives of Native Americans and immigrants, and links to additional reference sources. An interactive, multimedia web site with sections on Gold Fever, Art of the Gold Rush, Silver and Gold, Natives and Immigrants, and curriculum materials.

The California Gold Rush, 1849  A gold seeker describes his passage to the gold fields, digging for gold and life in camp. From EyeWitness to History.com, presented by Ibis Communications Inc., a digital publisher of educational programming.
WayBack . Gold Rush  "The Gold Rush site offers lots of information about this fascinating moment in American history, looking at the Californios, the Spanish-speaking community that had been in California since the mid-1700s; the various routes Forty-Niners took to reach the gold fields, with mixed success; and the overall history of the Gold Rush." 
Calisphere - 1848-1865: The Gold Rush Era  Themed collection on the Gold Rush Era, explore primary source sets from Calisphere, a service of the University of California Libraries.

Gold Rush Sesquicentennial  This site, created by the Sacramento Bee newspaper, has detailed, easily accessible information on all three travel routes, including cost, travel time, food, problems, weather. You can also find information on the daily life of miners, the impact of the Gold Rush in the West, and hardships suffered by miners.

Spanish Missions


California Missions Resource Center  Your comprehensive guide to discovering the history behind the California missions and the people who founded and shaped the character of California.  Features a map, timeline, contemporary and historical photos, galleries of 19th-century drawings and vintage postcards, illustrated articles on topics such as movies and the missions and women pioneers in California, and more. Includes links to related sites. From a company that publishes material about California missions and other topics.

The California Missions Trail  Brief descriptions of the 21 California Missions which roughly trace El Camino Real.  From the California Department of Parks & Recreation.

California Missions  An essay on the history of the missions, facts about each mission's founding and location, information about the photographers, and historic photographs (1895 through the 1940s) of all twenty-one California missions. From the California Museum of Photography, University of California, Riverside. Publisher: University of California, Riverside.

Junipero Serra  Biography of Junipero Serra.  Includes highlights of his life and information about controversy surrounding the treatment of Native Americans at the Franciscan missions. From a PBS documentary produced by the West Film Project and WETA.

The Spanish Missions of California A resource website for teachers and students in their study of the California Mission, includes Master's thesis.

California Mission Background and History Publisher of California Mission Guide book website.

Calisphere California Missions Online Collection Calisphere provides free access to unique and historically important artifacts contributed by all ten campuses of the University of California and other libraries and museums throughout the state.


California Mission Search